Purple Carrots

Lately purple vegetables have become all the rage. Purple carrots, purple potatoes.. the list goes on.

Its not hard to see why purple vegetables have become popular. They are cool looking, full of antioxidants, prevent premature aging and packed full of vitamins.

However one of my friends love purple vegetables for a different reason.

“Oh I love purple carrots! My auntie is doing an experiment with purple carrots. She is feeding them to canaries to see if they turn purple. No it works! If you feed normal carrots to canaries they turn orange! I’ve tried it! Well… Not really. But I reackon it would!”

I see.

Hey friend’s Aunt? Send us a picture when you get purple canaries, please?




Apologises for the recent lack in posts we have been having some technical difficulties but we are back and will be posting again soon.

Because, well, you know, the world isn’t dumb enough without us.

We are all guilty of this one…

You know when you have that song that you just cant  get out of your head? so much so you find yourself singing it out loud.

Only problem is you don’t know the lyrics quite as well as you though.

Well one of my friends committed this crime today. And she managed to use both cover ups in one go: the “something, something, something” and the just getting the lyrics completely wrong. Want to hear how?

“Bananas in pajamas are coming down the stairs,
na na na

coz on Tuesday they all like to something, something, something”


She is quite the musican, is she not?

How would you know?

There has been a picture going round the Internet lately that was a topic of discussion for my friends and I today.


Remember this?

Well it prompted this comment from one of my friends:

“But seriously, how would you know?”

“You would have given birth to the kid!” As always one of my other friends was ready to volunteer the obvious answer.

The girl who made the first comment only had one more thing to say before she was drowned out by laughter.


“Oh yeah… I forgot about that!”

Olympics in So Wrong style

Before I tell you of today’s comment I should probably explain something. I know in Australia there are a few phrases that have completely different meanings in different countries. And sometimes you really don’t want to get the two mixed up. See, in Australia a rubber is just an eraser. So rubbing out is just erasing something with an eraser.

Clear on that? Good…

Today’s comment wasn’t dumb or totally wrong. Instead it was just totally absurd.

“Rubbing out should be an olympic sport.”

I see.

Actually I don’t.

How the hell do you think of that?

Leaking eyes

I was trying to work today when I was interrupted by what was I believe to be a scream-yelp-gasp thing.

Naturally it was coming from one of my friends.

“What’s this? What’s happening?” She was yelling.

“That’s a tear.” Another said with that you’re-not-seriously-asking-me-this face we all have perfected by now.

“My eyes are leaking! They are not supposed to leak!” She screeched at us.

“You are crying. Its a tear.” We tried to explain once again.

“That’s silly! I don’t cry. My eyes are still leaking!”


It’s needless to say that all our eyes were “leaking” with laughter after that…


Is something wrong with me?

Today a friend who you’ve heard of many times before (i’d mention the posts but there is too many to write.. plus I’m just too lazy) was wondering about her normality.

More accurately her hand’s normality.

In a slightly worried tone she asks us: “What are these lines on my hand?! Does everyone have them?”

You could see the question in her eyes: Am I normal? Is something wrong with me?


These were the lines she was talking about.

So to answer her questions:

That’s were the skin folds in when you close your hand.
Yes, everybody has them.
I doubt your normal (but neither am I)
Nothings wrong with you, you’re just a little special (but we love you for it).

Any other questions?
What about YOU? Do you YOU have anything to say?

Weather can mean both wind and rain?

This comment came from not my friends but my younger brother. He often comes to mean with help on essays and other things and today was no exception.

While working intensely on a computer problem (okay so we all know I was really just mucking around on the Internet) he comes up and asks me:

“Whats one word for wind and rain and all that?”


“Yeah, that’s perfect!”

I really should have a private investigator double check that birth certificate. Moments like these make me doubt we share parents..


Actually considering what I posted in ‘Is this madness contagious?’ this might actually be proof of our similar genetics..

Burger, Fries, Donut, Burger

You don’t have speak Japanese to be familiar with their writing (excuse me for not knowing the proper name).

You know Katakana, Hiragana and the rest.

Well somehow one of my friends managed to take this information, process it through her crazy but entertaining brain and come out with a comment that made us laugh. [Those that know who I am talking about will be familiar with this process of hers. It is, after all, one of the main reasons we love her so much.]

Curious to know what she came up with:

“I thought, for a second, that they had, like every other country except Australia had little character thingys as their letters. Like the Japanese and stuff. Like America they like burgers and fries, so they can talk with burgers and fries. It makes sense!”

Naturally the response was a lot of laughter as well as this smart-ass (yet highly entertaining) comment from another friend:

‘I’ll meet you at the pizza at burger o’clock”

The girl who made the original comment couldn’t let this pass without a reply.

‘That would be pretty cool. Like,like all their things are like symbols. So a burger could be, like hello.”

The girl-friend of the smart-ass then decided to add her two cents:

“But..You know they’re not. Right?”




APOLOGIES: This is the first time I have had to add an apology section
yet I feel it wont be the last. Anyway…
First I would like to apologise to all those that are a fan of good grammar.
I am aware there were many “like”s in this post but I was quoting her exactly as it came out of her mouth.
I didn’t exaggerate anything.

I can upload the recording to prove it.

Secondly, (All the Americans reading this are expecting it to be you,right? You really shouldn’t assume)
I apologize to everybody who likes burgers and fries that the girl forgot to mention.
I know this is a lot of people (let’s be honest who doesn’t like burgers and fries?) who were not mentioned
so we would like to acknowledge all who like burgers and fries now.

Now I’m off to TAB. I want to see what everyone is betting on how many apologies I’ll have to make.
If you want a tip: It’s going to be A LOT